Comprehensive Oral Surgery Services at Anderson & Breding Dental

Trust our experienced team for safe and effective oral surgery procedures! Anderson & Breding Dental in Fargo, ND offers comprehensive surgical solutions for your dental needs.

What is oral surgery?
Oral surgery refers to surgical procedures performed on the mouth, jaw, and facial regions by a trained oral surgeon. These procedures address a wide range of dental and facial issues, from tooth extractions and dental implants to corrective jaw surgery and facial trauma repair.

What are some common oral surgery procedures?
Common oral surgery procedures include tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, dental implant placement, bone grafting, sinus lifts, oral pathology treatment, and corrective jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery).

Why might I need oral surgery?
You may need oral surgery to address various dental issues such as impacted wisdom teeth, severe tooth decay or damage, tooth loss, misaligned jaws, facial trauma, cysts or tumors in the mouth, and obstructive sleep apnea.

How do I prepare for oral surgery?
Your oral surgeon at Anderson & Breding Dental will provide you with specific pre-operative instructions based on the type of oral surgery you require. This may include fasting before surgery, adjusting medications, and arranging for transportation home after the procedure.

What should I expect during oral surgery?
During oral surgery, you will receive local anesthesia or sedation to ensure your comfort and relaxation throughout the procedure. Your oral surgeon will carefully perform the necessary surgical steps while monitoring your vital signs and ensuring your safety.

What is the recovery process like after oral surgery?
The recovery process after oral surgery varies depending on the type and complexity of the procedure. Your oral surgeon will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions to follow, including guidelines for pain management, diet, oral hygiene, and activity restrictions.

How can I schedule a consultation for oral surgery?

To schedule a consultation for oral surgery at Anderson & Breding Dental in Fargo, ND, please contact us at (701) 232-1368. Our experienced oral surgeon will evaluate your needs and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

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